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*WHAT IS FONDANT ANYWAY? Fondant is a soft edible dough made mostly from sugar. It's naturally white but can be tinted using food color. It's rolled out into large thin sheets to cover cakes or it's modeled into figures, flowers and other decorations. It dries firm when exposed to air and becomes soft again in a moist environment. 

*WHEN SHOULD I ORDER? It's never too early to order. As soon as your party date is set and you know your theme, it's time to order. When you place an order, just like a wedding, you are asking me to "save the date". As soon as you order I reserve your spot on my kitchen schedule. 

*WHAT IS MY FAVORITE BRAND TO USE FOR MY TOPPERS? It depends on the project I am working on, I use homemade fondant and Satin Ice brand of fondant and sugar paste for my work.I use Chef Alan's food gels or Americolor.

*CAN I ORDER IF MY PARTY IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY? If your party is less than 2 weeks away, please contact me to make sure I can fill your order and get it to you on time. I may be able to make your toppers but you might have to use an upgraded shipping service.

*CAN I CHANGE THE COLOR? Absolutely! Just make sure you leave me a note, I will always contact you back to confirm exactly what you want. Color changes will not affect price, and I can add party hats to figures, little flowers or hair bows to make something girly, etc for a small additional cost or sometimes at no charge.

*HOW DO I STORE MY TOPPERS UNTIL THE PARTY? Do not put fondant figures or even flat cupcake toppers in the refrigerator, they will become soft and colors may run because they will "sweat" when you take them out. 

*CAN YOU MAKE SOMETHING I DON'T SEE IN YOUR SHOP? I can make anything. I say this with confidence, as I've been a cake decorator and making sugar pieces for over 10 years and shipped across the US my sugar work the past 4 years through my Etsy store. I've made hundreds of party cakes with edible decorations ranging from flowers to edible shotgun shells to replicas of beloved family pets. I love custom work, contact me and we'll talk!

Everything in the shop is made to order so no 2 pieces will ever be exactly alike, please allow for insignificant differences. 3d figures will have skewers or toothpick inserts for stability. Please remove these before allowing anyone to eat the figures. Colors may vary due to differences in computer screens and settings.  

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